"Glimpses of Meramec Highlands" (1995) is in its sixth printing.  An extensive index and a new introduction has been added in honor of ten years in print.  Glimpses of Meramec Highlands is a 213 page book in a presentation binder.  It has won the Kemper Local History Award from the Kirkwood Historical Society.  The 2005 edition with index and a new introduction costs $25.00 + $2.25 tax & $8.00 shipping.
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    ©1995, Meramec Highlands Books.  2005 Indexed version

    213 pages, with photos and period illustrations, contents fully referenced and indexed.   See a newspaper article on the book's initial release.

    Awarded Kemper Local History Award in 1997 by the Kirkwood Historical Society, 1993 development grant from the Historical Society of Missouri.

    Table of Contents:

    Chapter 1 -- St. Louis in the 1890s, A Context for Meramec Highlands: St. Louis'
                        Only Exclusive Health Resort
                 2 -- Marcus Bernheimer: Founder of the Meramec Highlands
                 3 -- Sunset Hill Electric Light, Water and Power Company
                 4 -- Rock of Ages: The Meramec Highlands Quarry
                 5 -- Meramec Highlands Inn and Cottages
                 6 -- Meramec Highlands Depot
                 7 -- Meramec Highlands Frisco Tunnel
                 8 -- Curative Waters of the Meramec Highlands
                 9 -- Meramec Highlands Store
                10 -  Postmark: Meramec Highlands
                11 -  School in the Meramec Highlands
                12 -  Meramec Highlands Sunday School Chapel
                13 -  Meramec River Amusements
                14 -  Meramec Highlands Streetcar Loop
                15 -  The Competition: Eden Park
                16 -  The Intoxicating Highlands
                17 -  Osage Hills to Greenbriar Hills
                18 -  Bibliography & Index