About James Baker:

    The author and owner of Meramec Highlands Books,
James F. Baker, was born too late to remember riding
streetcars in St. Louis County, Missouri but became
fascinated with the streetcar service to the Meramec
Highlands Resort while writing Glimpses of Meramec
Highlands – St. Louis’ Only Exclusive Health and
Pleasure Spa
.  He then began to research streetcar
service in St. Louis County, focusing primarily on
service to Kirkwood and Webster Groves, each the
self proclaimed “Queen of the St. Louis Suburbs.”
James received the Kemper Local History Award in
1996 for his book about Meramec Highlands.  He
contributed a chapter on Transportation to the
Kirkwood Sesquicentennial book, Kirkwood, A
Pictorial History
. Other published writings include
articles in the Kirkwood Historical  Society Review,
Webster-Kirkwood Times
, curriculum guides, articles
on career education, and contributions for the Kirkwood
Landmarks Commission publications.

James is a recently retired education administrator who supervised teachers serving St. Louis County students with physical and visual disabilities.  He serves on the board of directors for the Kirkwood Historical Society.  For a change of pace, James sings with the Greenleaf Madrigal Singers.  He served two terms on the Kirkwood Landmarks Commission and lives in an historic home, once the general store for the Meramec Highlands Resort.  Had he lived in the home 75 years ago, he would have been able to watch streetcars on Quinette Road just 40 yards from his front door.  James Baker couldn't live in the age of  “King Trolley”, but he has allowed the modern day public to visit it by reading King Trolley and the Suburban Queens.